Maps on Monday's: Geography Quizzes

Every 2 weeks, you will take a different geography themed quiz. Each quiz is a maximum 20 points. You may retake a quiz the following "off-week" (Monday, promptly afterschool) and take the better of the two scores. While you will be given specific maps prior to each quiz, listed below is the content you will be tested on for the entire semester so you can begin preparing well in advance!

Map 1: Continents & Oceans
Quiz Date: Feb 10
Material: North America, South America, Antarctica, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean.
Online Map
Online Continents Quiz

Map 2: US States
Quiz Date: Feb 24
Material: Yep, all 50 of them!
Online US Map
Online US States Quiz

Map 3: Oceans & Seas
Quiz Date: Mar 10
Material: Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Strait of Gibraltar, Strait of Madagascar, North Sea, Sea of Japan, Baltic Sea, Persian Gulf, South China Sea, Southern Ocean, Baffin Bay, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Hudson Bay, Panama Canal, Suez Canal
Online Oceans & Seas Quiz

Map 4: Mountain Ranges & Peaks
Quiz Date: Mar 24
Material: Mt McKinley, Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Everest, K2, Brooks Range, Rocky Mts, Appalachian Mts, Andes Mts, Brazilian Highlands, Pyrenees Mts, Alps, Caucasus Mts, Ural Mts, Tian Shan, Hindu Kush, Karakoram, Himalayas, Atlas Mts, Ethiopian Mts, Great Dividing Range (Eastern Highlands), Transantarctic Mts
Online Mt Ranges Quiz
Online Mt Peak Quiz

Map 5: Rivers
Quiz Date: April 7
Material: St. Lawrence, Congo, Ob, Irtysh, Mekong, Brahmaputra, Mississippi, Missouri, Amazon, Rhine, Danube, Yellow (Huang He), Ganges, Yangtze (Chaing Jiang), Nile, Rio Grande, Lena, Volga, Niger, Yukon, Tigris, Euphrates, Amur, Indus
Online Rivers Quiz

Map 6: Islands
Quiz Date: April 22 (TUESDAY)
Material:Baffin Island, Great Britain, Victoria Island, Ellesmere Island, New Guinea, Honshu, Sumatra, Madagascar, Greenland, Borneo, Java, Mindanao, Luzon, Celebes, Iceland, Hokkaido, Cuba, Ireland, Newfoundland, South Island, North Island
Online Islands Quiz

Map 7: Deserts
Quiz Date: May 5
Material: Great Basin, Atacama, Patagonian, Sahara, Namib, Kalahari, An Nafud, Thar, TaklaMakan, Gobi, Chihuahuan, Rub Al Khali, Great Western (The Outback), Great Salt
Deserts Link Yeah, this is an ugly one...

Map 8: World Capitals
Quiz Date: May 19
Material: Kabul, Afghanistan; Brasilia, Brazil; Ottawa, Canada; Beijing, China; Cairo, Egypt; Paris, France; Berlin, Germany; New Delhi, India; Tehran, Iran; Baghdad, Iraq; Rome, Italy; Tokyo, Japan; Pyongyang, North Korea; Oslo, Norway; Islamabad, Pakistan; Moscow, Russia; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Mogadishu, Somalia; Pretoria, South Africa; Washington, D.C. USA; Caracas, Venezuela.
Major World Capitals Link 1
All World Capitals Link

Map 9: Review Map
Quiz Date: May 27 (TUESDAY)
Material: All prior maps are testable material; however, quiz will focus on more significant features from course of study.