Day 1: Cultural Awareness "Bingo"

This activity has us testing our knowledge of different cultures, religions, and ethnicities around the globe.

Day 2: How World Aware Are You?

This "quiz" is designed to "test" your awareness level of current world leaders and events.

Miniature Earth Project-

If we could shrink the earth's population to a village of 100 people representing the world, keeping the same proportions we have today, it would look something like this...

Day 2 Homework: Create a visual/graphic representation of this village...OR...Write song lyrics/a poem about the village...OR...Draft a "State of the Village" address as village leader. Complete one of the three (preferably typed, but not required).

Updated by OntarioScienceCenter to reflect 7 billion pop mark

From the 100 People Foundation

National Geographic "Population 7 Billion" Project

Day 3: Elements of Culture Lesson

In today's lesson, we will explore the major elements of culture: government, religion, and economics. We will also discuss what impacts cultural change.

Use the discussion tab above to tell a story about a unique cultural experience you've had!
"Intro to Foreign Aid" Reading Packet and Organizer - Available in class only

Day 4: International Development

Today's lesson provides an exploration of the developing world.

HW: "A Changing World" Reading Packet and Organizer

Day 5: Global Interdependence

Today we explore how the world is becoming more interdependent and global issues we face.

HW: Use the discussion tab above to discuss what you believe to be the most pressing global issue we face today.

Day 6: Role of the US in a Changing World

Throughout our history our foreign policy has developed from one in which our new nation avoided foreign entanglements to one in which we led the world following WW2. Students debate potential foreign policies and decide for themselves, what should our role be in a changing world?

No guided notes, two handouts available in class folders.
HW: Discussion tab to argue for what position you believe US should take in world affairs.

Day 7: International Cooperation

Regional and international governmental and non-governmental organizations are the focus of today's lesson.

HW: UN Web Quest

Day 8: The United Nations

Today we examine the structure, function, and purpose of the UN.
Class Handouts: UN Structure & MDG's, Article: The UN: A Love-Hate Affair (online link in

69th General Assembly Debate Sept 16-Oct 1, 2014, NYC
HW: Open the discussion tab above to discuss the United Nations.

Review and Reflection