Human Rights

Student readings for this unit come from the Choices program at Brown University. Copyright laws restrict me from posting them online, so students will need to visit the classroom folders for unit reading and handouts.

Intro to Human Rights

Students are introduced to the concept of human rights and how protection of human rights worked its way into international law.
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Human Rights in Practice

Students explore the roles of various groups in protecting human rights and complete an activity in which they evaluate options for US human rights policy.
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Human Rights Project

In this project, students explore human rights violations that interest them. Students will research the violation then create a public service announcement (using animoto) to raise awareness of the issue.
Included in the doc below: Project Description, Topic Selection Sheet, Background Research, and Rubric
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Review & Reflection

Use this to review important topics and content from our human rights unit!
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Alternative Lesson - US Human Rights Policy
Objectives: Analyze issues US must consider in drafting human rights policy.,8599,2029826,00.html
Activities: Group role play (options).
HW: Write your own hr policy for the US