Theme: Globalization
Skill: Summarization and Synthesis

Day 1: Intro to Economics
Obj -Explain basic economic concepts
Activity - The Lorax & World Resources, Globalization Illustrations
HW - Globalization Reading

Day 2: Globalization
Obj - Identify key trade agreements and governing bodies. Explore issues and controversies surrounding globalization.
Activity - Lesson, Financial Institution Jigsaw, Video & Wiki Post
HW - Globalization Assignment - Sesame Street, Coke/McDonald's, Rap Topics

Day 3: Skill Introduction
Obj- Practice key reading and writing skills while summarizing text.
Activity - The Rise of the Rest
HW - Article Summary

Day 4: Globalization Rap
Obj - Students will create informational rap about term/ concept/ or issue related to globalization
Activity - Begin research - focus on research for skill assessment
HW - Topic Selection Sheet (Day 4 Wksht)

Day 5: Research & Skill Day
Objective- Students will continue to practice research & summarization skills
Activity - $2.00 summary
HW - 2/4 summaries due tomorrow

Day 6: Research & Skill Day
Objective - Students will finalize content research for globalization rap
Activity - Work Time
HW - 2/4 summaries due tomorrow

Day 7: Outline
Objective - Students will view film on global economic issues
Activity - Mini-Lesson (Video) & Work Time (Concept Outline)
HW - Wiki Post

Day 8: US Causes Global Crisis
Objective: Listen to audio clip and analyze political cartoons to gather understanding of global financial crisis
Activity: 45 min mini-lesson & Work time (Draft of Rap)
HW - Rap rough draft

Day 9: Work Day
Objective: Students will familiarize themselves with Audacity program.
Activity: Audacity tutorial. Work time (Finalize draft & begin recording)
HW -

Day 10: In the News G-20 Summit
Objective: Students will identify purpose of G-20 and assess successes & failures of most recent summit.
Activity: 45 min mini-lesson & Work time (Finish recording & begin editing)
HW -

Day 11: Project Wrap Up
Objective: Students will finalize their globalization in rap projects.
Activity: Import and align soundtracks with lyrics. Save and export. Post on wikispace along with final copy of lyrics (song citiation included)
HW - Reflection