Globalization In Rap...
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Spring 2011

Subprime Mortgage Crisis- The artist formerly known as Funky Money Scotty Boy

No MNCs - Jelly Scooter aka Terrible Pockets &

The Big Botcher, Totem Pole Beats, The Illustrious Ivory Elephant
lyrics Ally, Austin, Nick

Imani & Maya "No jobs for me" Lyrics original is "No Hands"

Veronica & Hannah lyrics

"2012" by Jay Sean --- "BRICS"


Lizzie, Kelly, Jenny Lyrics!

Works Cited

Bridget Shanks, Kelsey Schaum, Tori Reynolds
Bridget Shanks, Kelsey Schaum, Tori Reynolds--Lyrics
Bridget Shanks, Kelsey Schaum, Tori Reynolds--Citations

Fall 2010

MNC Girls by Erica & Elizabeth


Run MNC feat. TKizzle, EDizzle, & BHizzle

"Slow" by SCBC

betta look out-brighid and julia

Fresh Prince of Crisis - Zack and Cole

BRIC BRIC baby- Lauren and Carly


China in Africa



Free Trade and Lime- Sam Kennedy and Rebecca Sherwood

99 Problems and No Job's #1

Fresh Princesses of Globalization

My Trade

I Got A Feelin - MNCs

The Champs feat. CBOY "WE ARE THE BRICS"

Snoop Doggy Dave and DJ Beardy Bob - Free Trade Flow