SPRING 2012 -

Hey class! These were pretty good...I looked at all lyrics before listening, so I won't hold it against you if you're tone-def or just off beat (Well, you may have lost a point or two on the rubric)! Anyway, for those of you who didn't do it, add a citation for your song!!!! Otherwise, I will have to go back and take a penalty from your score and take your songs down. You can type it under your rap or re-upload your works pages. Thanks so much!

Eurozone Economic Crisis - Carrie, Ellie, Samantha:

US Economic Crisis: John, Evan, Tim

BRICS: Hannah, Izzy, Jasmyn

Tariffs: Zac, Max, Doug

Note to Mrs. Fus: Our mp3 randomly cuts out on certain verses but seems to work correctly in OS X
IMF: Ben, Ben, Matt

Free Trade: Becca, Anna

MNC's: Hannah S., Kristin, Jess

I Love Migration: Jenny and Carolyn
Song Citation: Asher Roth. I Love College. mp3 file. January 2009.

EU: Jen

WTO: Adam, Sam, Rob.

FALL 2011

Head of the Worldwide Economy

Traffickin' Human Slaves:

Who Let the Jobs Out

Fair Trade Say:

Multinational Corporations:

Outsourcing James, MJ and Darcy
US & China Intertwined: Alexes & Taylor

Downfalls of Capitalism