Globalization & the Rise of Asian Nations

In this unit, students examine the forces moving people and nations towards greater cooperation and conflict in the global economy. Students will discuss the basis of economic decision-making as well as the challenges the world faces between economically powerful nations and the developing world. They will study trade and its increasing impact on our eocnomies and societies. Students will practice the skill of summarizaiton and use the skill to evaluate the economic, political, and cultural impact of globalization through a song parody exercise.

Global Economics

Students define basic economic terms and principles and begin to look at how these are applied on a global level.

Handouts - Economic Systems Overview/Global Economic Terms & Illustrations Page

HW: Choices Reading & Guided Reading Questions "International Trade: Competition & Cooperation in a Globalized World" Available in Classroom.

Regulating Globalization

Students evaluate the role of key trade agreements and regulating bodies.
HW: Sesame Street & Coke/McDonald's

Global Financial Meltdown
Students revisit the causes & consequences of the 2008 US housing and banking crises and their relation to current events in the Eurozone.

Skill Lesson - Summarization

Students will read a Fareed Zakaria article "Rise of the Rest" and practice the skill of summarization.

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US-China Relations

Prior to class, students will read Choices article "China's Transformation" and answer questions. Available in classroom.
Lesson focuses on rise of Chinese economy and current issues between the US & China on the global stage.

Project: Globalization in Rap

Students research a current issue in the global economy and create an informational song parody.

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Globalization Review & Reflection