Final Fridays

Students are required to maintain an ongoing current events log each month. These events will be brought into class discussion each week, and the last Friday of every month, we will meet to examine the breaking news events around the globe. Students are responsible for bringing their current event analysis sheet to class for small and large group discussion. These events will be tested on the marking period exams, so if you're absent, visit the binder in class or the powerpoints below for highlights!

Current Events Analysis Sheet

Students will be assigned a significant news event to follow over the course of the month. In week one, they will gather background information on the event to build an understanding of the issue. Students will then consider various news sources and track important developments over the next 3-4 weeks. A news source may be an article, a news video or audio clip, or a photo slideshow. Students are responsible for visiting the topic each week. After completing the final update, students will answer the analysis questions. We will change events approximately every four weeks. The "Current Events Analysis" organizer can be found below. I DO NOT HAND THESE OUT AFTER THE FIRST WEEK! I am trying not only to go green, but to increase student responsibility in meeting deadlines (a workplace essential!)

In Case You Missed It...

If you happened to be absent on Final Friday, access highlights in the powerpoints below. If you know that you are going to be absent, all materials must be handed in before you go so that your group may have them for discussion. If you leave school early that day, all materials must be handed in before you leave. If you're randomly out the one Wednesday every other week month we cover current events, your work is due the day you return and you're responsible for finding what you missed. See where I'm going here? It's really important that you keep up with the event and be present for the discussion!

Suggested Resources:

Databases & Pathfinders - "Current Events & Global News"
New York Times, Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, The Economist, Philadelphia Inquirer
Al Jazeera, BBC News, CNN News, MSN World News - Many of these have nightly or weekly tv news broadcasts that can be viewed as well!
Google News Timeline
Washington Post: TimeSpace World
Mashpedia, 10X10, Only2Clicks

Many news outlets have free apps for your smart phones, I encourage you to use them to stay engaged!

Regardless of the sources you use, be mindful of the perspective from which your source writes. Try to access our international newspapers pathfinder and see how events are being reported at home vs. internationally!