Final Exam Review

You will be asked to address the 5 essential questions of the course, using support from each of our units of study, your projects, and current affairs. It is expected that you will demonstrate an awareness and understanding of world affairs as an educated global citizen.

1. How are social, political, and economic events interconnected at the global level?
2. What role should the US play in world affairs?
3. What nations are emerging world powers?
4. How are 21st century media technologies impacting world affairs?
5. What are the most pressing concerns facing the global community today?

Units of Study to be Incorporated:
Introduction (Elements of Culture, International Development & Cooperation, UN)
Africa (Colonial Legacy, Current Issues & Conflict)
Middle East (Arab Spring, Arab-Israeli Conflict)
Nuclear Proliferation (Regulation, Disarmament, Current Concerns)
India & South Asia (Colonial Legacy, Independence, Conflict)
Globalization (Economic & Cultural, Rising Economies, Trade & Issues)
Global Issues (Human Rights, Climate/Environment, Health)