Theme: Global Environment & Health
Skill: Developing & Supporting a Thesis

Day 1: Investigating the Issue
Objectives: Identify recent events surrounding global climate & health issues.
Activities: Article Analysis - Brainstorm

Day 2: Global Environmental Problems
Objectives: Analyze impact of humans on physical systems & vice versa.
Activities: Problems & Energy Resources Jigsaw.
HW: International Agreements REading & Organizer

Day 3: Addressing Global Environmental Issues
Objectives: Compare concerns of developed vs developing nations. Identify obstacles to agreements.
Activities: Video - Fishbowl - Cancun talks

Day 4: Project Introduction
Objectives: STudents will develop and support a thesis statement about a global environmental or health issue of thier choice.
Activities: Topic Selection Sheet
HW: Topic Selection Sheet

Day 5: Essential Questions
Objectives: Students will research the answers to their essential questions.
Activites: Thesis Essential Question Research
HW: Thesis Essential Question Research - Finalize reserach over weekend so you can develop and have thesis approved next class.

Day 6: Thesis Generator
Objectives: Develop thesis statement
Activities: Thesis creation & approval
HW: Thesis Generator and Test Sheet

Day 7 & 8: Outline
Objectives: Students will outline information supporting their thesis statement.
Activities: Research & Outline
HW:Thesis & Outline Rough Draft

Day 9: Global Health Lesson
Objectives: Identify major global health issues and efforts to address/improve global health concerns
Activities: Instruction, Video Clips, Article
HW: Wiki Post

Days 9 & 10: Finalize Project

Day 11: Review