In this unit we will study how a unique geography and colonial history has impacted modern Africa. Students will explore the theme of conflict in this unit and complete a project about recent/current conflicts in Africa that demonstrates their ability to find, evaluate, and cite a variety of resources.

Geography & Peoples

Explore the geographic diversity of the African continent and the impact of environment on peoples.

Map Activity available in class folders

Africa: Essential Background

This lesson explains the European colonization of Africa and its lasting effects.

Africa Today

Students explore challenges facing the continent and organizations that work to promote African Development.

Video Viewing Guide Available in Class, The Economist Article "Africa Rising"
HW: Wiki Post - Africa Rising


Students explore the different types of conflict and participate in an activity which demonstrates escalation and de-escalation of conflict.

Skill Lesson 1: Finding Sources

Students discuss how to find a variety of credible resources and explore the global pageflake/libguide Dr Valenza has constructed for us.

Skill Lesson 2: Evaluating Online Information

Students will examine websites related to the conflict in Darfur, Sudan in an effort to evaluate purpose and reliability of online information.

Each student must evaluate three (3) sources for their project!

International Peacekeeping:

This lesson examines UN peacekeeping as well as international justice and courts.

Project: Conflict in Africa

In this assessment, students will create an infographic that demonstrates their understanding of a current or recent conflict on the continent of Africa.
Assignment Sheet:
Research Organizer:

Review & Reflection: